There’s no doubt about it, between its stunning natural landscape and incredible lifestyle, Lake Macquarie is a dream location.

Which makes it the ideal place to build your dream home. If you’re thinking of embracing full creative control and building your own home in Lake Macquarie, what do you need to know? We had a chat with local Rowan Parker from award-winning Coastline Builders to find out.

Rowan, tell us a little bit about your building business?

Coastline Builders started six years ago, and before that I had Rowan Parker Carpentry, so I’ve been at it for 20 years. There’s 13 of us at Coastline now, and we’ve built a name for ourselves in the area. Work’s picked up in the last three or four years with multiple awards that we keep winning each year for projects we’ve done.

With good reason too – you build knockout homes. If people are thinking of building their dream home in Lake Macquarie, where should they start?

Find a builder that you feel comfortable with, one that’s the perfect match for you and your family, one that you can trust. Once you find that builder, then that’s where you start the process – with them.
If you engage that builder at the start, they can be in contact with the architect and keep on top of the home’s design, to make sure it isn’t something that you can’t afford to build.
We offer clients the full service – we have our own architect, engineer, we do building approvals. We understand everyone’s very busy these days, so we can take care of everything for you.

What should people look for when they’re buying a block of land?

These days it’s not just about the block of land. People are looking at the suburb – the schools, the sporting teams and what’s available there.

If it were me, I’d try to buy a flat block. If it’s flat, you don’t have to spend money on levelling it before you start building. But, being Lake Macquarie, it’s quite hilly, and there are lots of beautiful views up high, over the lake. People might want to take advantage of that, but the cost can be a little bit more expensive because you’re building on a slope. You’ve got to weigh it all up and decide what’s best for you.

Once the build is underway, what can the owners do to make it go as smoothly as possible?

With us, once that job’s started, they don’t have to do anything. We get our clients to pick all their selections before we start the job. We get the initial concept design done, and then we take you to meetings with a kitchen company, and take you to our flooring company, and take you to our tile shop, and so on. The clients sign off on every selection in the project management app we use.

There’s time for clients to make changes, and variations do happen on every job. But there’s not a lot for the client to do once the job’s commenced, because everything’s already been selected. They pretty much just sit back and let us do the job. It makes it an easy stress-free experience.

What’s the most popular style of home in Lake Macquarie right now?

Everyone wants a coastal beach style. The look is white, white, white, with blackbutt timber feature screens, and decking, and then dressing the place up with cane furniture. Everything’s simple and easy. Lots of natural light, plenty of sun filled-rooms, skylights everywhere. Two out of every three enquiries we get, that’s what people want.

You grew up in Lake Macquarie. What was your childhood like here?

I was very, very lucky to grow up here. We had the best of both worlds. You had the lake, with the beautiful walkway going around it, and the shops down at Warners Bay. You could go out fishing or water skiing in the lake, but then you could grab your surfboard and in ten minutes you’re at the beach. It’s beach, after beach, after beach, the whole way down the coastline. Blacksmiths, Redhead, and then you go around the corner, and you’ve got Merewether, Bar Beach, Newcastle Beach. Then you come round into the harbour. There’s nothing better than sitting at one of the pubs in the harbour and watching the massive coal ships coming in with the tugboats. I love the area, maybe that’s why I never moved away.

A lot of people are moving here from Sydney now. It’s cheaper to live, the traffic’s never near as bad and we have this amazing lifestyle. A lot of people are moving to places like Cameron Park, where they can just jump straight onto the freeway, and then be down in Sydney for work within a couple of hours. It’s a pretty incredible place to live.

We couldn’t agree more! Thanks for the chat Rowan.

See some more of Coastline’s award-winning new homes, extensions and renovations on their website.

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