Competition for rental properties in the Lake Macquarie, Newcastle and Maitland region is running hot.

Vacancy rates are low, and there are more renters than rental properties in most locations. It’s a landlord’s market, so it’s more important than ever that you make your rental application stand out from the crowd. But how do you do that?
Here are 10 tips to make your application shine – and an important word of warning.

1. Avoid rental scams

Rental scams are on the rise. Scammers sometimes offer a fake or made up property for rent (even on well-known property websites) to try to get you to hand over money or personal details. Other times scams can be copied from genuine agency advertisements. Make sure you understand what rental scams are to protect yourself. And remember: if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

2. Get organised

Make sure everything’s in order before you start hunting for a rental, so that when you find the perfect place you can apply straight away and be ahead of the pack. Make electronic copies of essential information, such as driver’s licence or passport for identification, pay slips and recent utilities bills.

3. The inspection: be on time

You’ve found a property and decided to head to the open inspection. So make sure you turn up on time. Not only does this show you’re keen, it also communicates that you’re reliable. Plus, it gives you plenty of time to see the property, and if you’re late you might miss out, as property managers can be busy and might need to rush off to another property for their next open inspection.

4. Build rapport

When you arrive at the inspection, introduce yourself to the property manager and build a little friendly rapport. First impressions count, and it’s the property manager who’ll be conducting background checks and recommending your application to the landlord, so make sure you get off on the right foot.

5. Ask questions

During the inspection, if you have any questions about the property or the lease on offer, ask them. This can display to the property manager that you’re interested in the home. It’ll also give you the chance to further chat and build rapport, and find out if the property really suits your needs.

6. Communicate

As you leave the inspection, most property managers will ask what you thought of the property and if you’re considering applying. Let them know honestly if you’re thinking of putting in an application or if the place isn’t for you. This can help the property manager remember you, so you’ll stand out when they’re processing the rental applications. They may also have other properties coming up for rent that they can recommend you see.

7. Fill out the rental application form

Most agencies use an electronic application form for rentals. At Altitude we use 2Apply. All your details are saved the first time you register (which you can do ahead of time) so you don’t need to keep filling out your details for every property you apply for.

When filling out your application be sure to include:

  • all your sources of income
  • your rental history
  • pay slips for every adult on the rental application; if you’re self-employed, include as much proof of your income as you can.

8. References

References are essential on a rental application, especially if you’ve never rented a property before. Let your referees know ahead of time that you’ve applied for a place, so they’re ready to answer any questions if the property manager calls them. And check their contact details are current so the property manager can easily get hold of them.

9. Check and check again

Once you’ve finished filling out the rental application, check it and make sure you’ve answered all the questions as fully as you can.

10. Follow up

At Altitude we strive to have rental applications processed within 3 business days, but this process can be delayed if we are waiting on returned reference checks. If you haven’t heard anything after a week, call the property manager to check on your application. You can then find out if you haven’t been successful and can move on to considering other properties.

To find your next rental property, call our team today.

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