Under the Residential Tenancies Act, tenants in NSW have rights, but they also have responsibilities.

We take a look at your obligations as a tenant.

1. Pay the rent on time

As well as paying the rent on time, tenants are also obliged to pay electricity and gas charges if the property is separately metered.

2. Care for the premises

Tenants should keep the property reasonably clean and not allow rubbish or other items to build up in the home. They are liable for any damage they or their guests cause to the property.

3. Report the need for any repairs or maintenance

Tenants are obliged to notify their landlord or property manager of any damage or repairs that are required as soon as possible.

4. Follow the rules when moving in and moving out

Tenants need to give the landlord or property manager a completed copy of the condition report within seven days of moving in. When it comes time to move out, they must give correct written notice and leave the property in a similar condition to when they moved in, except for normal wear and tear.

5. Be a good neighbour

Tenants must not cause or permit a nuisance (that means keeping guests in line too), nor interfere with the peace, comfort or privacy of their neighbours.

6. Don’t alter the property – unless you have permission

Tenants are not allowed to make changes or additions to the home without the landlord’s consent. For their part, the landlord must not unreasonably withhold permission for minor alterations. Tenants are also not permitted to change, remove or add locks without the landlord’s consent, except in certain domestic violence situations.

7. Don’t keep pets – unless you have permission

Tenants must not keep pets in their rented home without their landlord’s permission. If the landlord has agreed to the tenant having a pet, it should be included in the lease.

8. Obey the law

It should go without saying, but tenants must not use or allow the property to be used for illegal purposes. Enough said.

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